Friday, May 22, 2009


(in'te gral) adj.
Whole; entire; complete, as in

1) multi-cultural & cross-disciplinary studies;
2) bridging Eastern & Western traditions of knowledge;
3) incorporating analytical, experiential and practical ways of knowing;
4) joining the transpersonal & spiritual dimensions of life with community service;
blending of religious and spiritual values with the benefits of modern technology;
5) joining the factors & variables of development with the goals and objectives of the
organization and its people.

(trans'for ma tion)

Transformation is, literally, a forming over, a restructuring. By transformation we speak of the transformation of people--specifically the transformation of consciousness. In this context consciousness does not mean simple waking awareness. Here it refers to the state of being consicous of one's consciousness. You are keenly aware that you have awareness. In effect, this is a new perspective that sees other perspectives--a paradigm shift.

Integral Transformation Group, Inc.
(established 1992)